Beautiful Legend “Zelda Wedding Dress”


People often want to bring a little bit of their geekiness to special events, such as weddings. This can often lead to garish and overt decor. Legend of Zelda lovers may be able to find a more subtle option. FireflyPath created a Princess Zelda-inspired wedding dress and I think it is beautiful. The optional apron was the only thing that made me connect it to Zelda. However, the Zelda Wedding Dress is very expensive. The Hyrule Gown is priced at around $2400 depending on the size. You can also get the apron for $120, and the elven cape and hood for $150. This is something you would wear for your bride.

This fit-and-flare bridal gown is feminine, flirty and modern-glamour.

You can stage your dream The Zelda wedding dress with $2,400 Hyrule gown

According to them, a bride’s wedding is the only day of her life when she should feel like a princess. Firefly Path, a custom LA-based boutique, hopes to achieve that feeling. But more specifically, Princess Zelda. The brand new $2,400 Bridal Gown is a great compromise between vintage and geeky for your dream The Legend of Zelda-themed wedding.

Firefly Path, a custom boutique that straddles the line between period-piece and cosplay clothing, is something you might not have heard of. You’ve probably seen their Elven gowns and capes at Renaissance festivals.


Their new “Hyrule Dress”, even though it starts at $2,400, may be their best-seller. You can see the details of the dress in the photo by emackphoto on Instagram.

The apron, which is reminiscent of some of The Zelda Wedding Dress symbology, is just one of many things that hint at the Hyrule inspirations for the gown. Although it isn’t exactly what you would see on the Hylian Shield this isn’t far from what you would see.

There are also subtle blue accents like a jewel with a diamond shape. Breath of the Wild fans might think that this is Zelda’s play on Zelda’s new blue-aesthetic. But, long-time viewers of the series know that the Princess of Light had a blue jewel in almost every incarnation of her character throughout the crazy timeline.

This Hyrule Wedding gown joins other incredible The Zelda Wedding Dress Projects — fan-made as well as professional. We saw last week an unusually satisfying automaton capture the beauty of Wind Waker. Others have also created amazing Breath of the Wild fan videos, as well as mashups between Pokemon and the Sheikah Slate.