Monday, December 4, 2023

Kristen Stewart talks “Twilight Wedding Song”

If you’re a dedicated Twilight fan, the song plays during Edward’s long-awaited marriage to Bella (Kristen Stewart). (If they haven’t already seen Breaking Dawn; it made more than $30 million in midnight screenings on Thursday night). It’s a special wedding version of Iron & Wine’s ‘Twilight Wedding Song’ ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ song that was played during the Prom scene in the original Twilight movie in 2008.

Stewart tells EW that “Before we started shooting the first Wedding Song, [director] Catherine Hardwicke], I was rehearsing and Rob and we were kind of dancing around in this room, trying out this scene.” “I put on Iron & Wine’s’ Flightless Bird American Mouth’ and it was just like that. I felt so emotional. Rob couldn’t take it, it was too much! But I was like “ooooooh, this looks perfect!” “

Stewart claims 

Stewart claims that she and Stewart ended up performing the Twilight Wedding Song on-set for her when they were filming the scene. The rest is Twilight history. Stewart says that parts of the song will play in the long-awaited love scene. The Entertainment Weekly’s new issue, available now, has more information about Breaking Dawn, including stars’ views on the honeymoon, birth scene and keeping it PG-13.

Twilight Wedding Song Saga

Brace yourself, Twihards! The Twilight Wedding Song Saga: Breaking Dawn has been revealed, along with the complete soundtrack list for the much-anticipated movie. What music will Edward and Bella hear as they walk down the aisle? Find all details about Twilight music here

We already know Carolina Herrera designed Bella Swan’s wedding gown, and we also know how steamy the honeymoon is. Now we know which song will play when Bella and Edward wed during Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn’s soundtrack has been released. It includes a “Twilight Wedding Song” from Iron & Wine’s Flightless Bird.

Can’t you picture Bella (Kristen Stewart), walking down the aisle to Edward (Robert Pattinson), as she listens to the haunting lyrics?

Samuel Beam, Iron & Wine sings, “Have you found me/Flightless bird lost, ground, bleeding, or lost you, American mouth/Big pill looming.” Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, and Noisettes are also featured on the Breaking Dawn music soundtrack.


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