Thursday, February 9, 2023

Best “Travel Humidor”

The travel humidor is a unique breed, and it’s only for one purpose. Travel humidors, as the name implies, are made so you can easily transport them.

They are not intended for long-term storage, but only for short transit times or visits away from home. Travel humidors don’t just have to be used by jetsetters. They can also be useful for short trips.

They are ideal for protecting your cigars and providing the perfect environment to smoke them. Although small containers can be attractive, travel humidors offer more room and are stronger.

They’re great for transporting cigars safely, whether you’re going to an event, visiting friends, or buying them from a shop. Travel humidors can be a useful accessory for any cigar lover.


  • Travel humidors must meet certain requirements in order to fulfill their purpose.
  • First, they must provide an airtight seal to create the desired interior environment. They won’t retain moisture from the humidifier if they aren’t airtight.
  • The humidor should also be lightweight and easy to transport. However, the materials must be strong enough to withstand shocks and being crushed.
  • Superior travel humidors are also extremely waterproof and crush-proof. You never know what might happen while travelling, so it’s a good idea to have a travel humidor.

To prevent accidental openings, all humidors must have strong latches. Some humidors of higher quality will have locking mechanisms that can be combined with a combination or a key to ensure they are securely stored and not susceptible to wandering sticks.

Some of the more sophisticated travel humidors have safety valves that can be used for air travel. To prevent the humidors from bursting under low pressure, it is a good idea to open the valve before you leave them in your checked luggage.

Travel Humidor Drawbacks

Travel humidors can be a bit fragile, so we don’t recommend long-term storage. They are essentially hard cases with rubber seals. We haven’t tested many travel that have airtight seals.

They are not as efficient and can be dangerous if you smoke cigars too quickly. This doesn’t mean that all humidors are bad. There are many good options. You should ensure that you are buying quality and not a low-quality design.

A common problem with travel humidors is their insufficient storage space. This is partially due to necessity.

To protect and cushion cigars, most travel contain Ester, Polyethylene or Pro-Cell foam. This is a double-edged blade as it leaves very little room for the cigars, let alone the humidifier and hygrometer.

The foam serves an important purpose. It keeps the cigars in the container and prevents them from getting out of control. This could lead to their damage.

This can sometimes result in not enough room for your cigars. People may overfill their travel humidor and end up destroying them.


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