Music-filled wedding in the Dominican Republic


Francesca Nicolas Brugal was not expecting to marry David Rubin when she went to her best friend’s apartment in 2015. The twosome quickly connected on Bumble in 2018, and it was a fast track to their forever. Francesca says that what started out as a “We should catch up”, hadn’t seen each other in years, turned into essentially their first date. We continued to see each others from then on.

Francesca believed it was a 30th birthday celebration, so David proposed to Francesca two years later. Francesca and David had known from the moment they said yes that they wanted to marry in the Dominican Republic. The bride says that she was born in Dominican Republic, and had lived there since the age of 18. “As a child, I spent weekends and holidays at Casa de Campo. As a gifts to couples, we have shared important milestones there.” The couple chose a Casa de Campo villa and invited 225 close friends.

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Francesca says that the couple wanted their October 23rd, 2021 nuptials have a “laid back sophistication.” The day was both elegant and sophisticated in decor and food but relaxed and laid back.

For a more intimate view of the day as it was planned by Sarah de Castro, Bloom Planners, and photographed by Adriana Riva, read on.

The celebrations began on a positive A Glam Wedding note with Brugal Rum party favours and colorful Unigrafca RD invitations. These were finished off with a personal touch. Francesca shared that Francesca designed the emblem used in the wedding invites. “I wanted to make it unique to us so I added Dominican elements like a plantain tree at the top of our crest, a bird, and bougainvillea flowers that are very common in Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic.

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Francesca says, “I love playing with different hairstyles & headpieces, so I knew these would play a part on the wedding day.” The perfect coif was created by the bride over months: a low ponytail, flowers, a birdcage and a Loho Bride veil.

The bride enjoyed some time with her closest friends before she donned her Alex Perry wedding dress.

The bride describes her silk lashes corseted, pleated gown as “different and timeless”, elegant yet simple. When asked how I felt on my wedding day, I had a few thoughts. I wanted to feel comfortable, look great, be able to dance, and not get hot. I also wanted it to last all night, as I only had one chance to wear something that I love so much. The dress ticked all the boxes.

For the ceremony, the groom wore an “etiquetatropic” outfit that included Fitwel’s custom ivory shawl tuxedo and Fitwel’s maternal grandfather’s gold cufflinks.

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