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Although social distancing guidelines might have put an end to some aspects of wedding planning in person, it doesn’t mean that you should miss one of the most enjoyable parts of getting engaged. Many couples consider cake tasting one of the most memorable parts of wedding planning. It’s a great way to get to know your partner and enjoy a delicious afternoon of sweet treats together. Learn how to make your wedding cake tasting at home.

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There are many bakeries that still offer takeout and delivery. Wedgewood Weddings can recommend a great cake maker. Give them a call to see if they can make a delicious cake that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Consider your preferred cake flavor before you call to inquire about a to go tasting option. For example, do you love chocolate but your fiance prefers carrot cake? You can have a few choices and ask your bakery for suggestions that would complement your favorites.

Our all-inclusive packages include delicious cakes from local bakeries. You can request a to-go package of cake tastings to take home from your dedicated wedding coordinator. After you have brought the sweets home, you can get into your best pants and start your own tasting at home.

Pro tip: Have fun with your home-made wedding cake tasting. Put a blanket on your floor and make a Spotify playlist. You can turn your tasting into an outdoor picnic.

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You can create your own wedding cake tasting at home using recipes found on the internet if you’re a seasoned chef. These are some of our favorite recipes, as well as the most popular flavors for wedding cakes:

  • Live Well Bake Often: Red velvet cake
  • Broma Bakery Vanilla Cake
  • Modern Honey – Love at first sight chocolate cake
  • A Spicy Perspective: Lemon buttermilk cake
  • Champagne cake by Of Batter & Dough
  • Live Well Bake Often: Carrot cake

Most Popular:

Nutella chocolate cake from OMG Chocolate Desserts

You may have special dietary needs for your guests or yourself (gluten-free/vegan, nut allergy, etc. Find a recipe online that you can modify to meet your needs. After you have selected some recipes to try, get your partner involved in the kitchen helping with mixing and measuring.

Pro tip: Make cupcakes from half of the recipes. The leftovers can be shared (and there will always be leftovers). You can then share the leftovers with your neighbors, friends, or family who live near you. Unexpected cupcake deliveries are a delight for anyone.


You don’t have to be a baker if you are short on ingredients. You can find a wide range of popular flavors at your local grocery store. InstaCart and DoorDash allow you to have them delivered right to your door. Red Velvet NYC offers gourmet baking kits that you can make at home if you are looking for a particular flavor.

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Goldbelly offers ready-made cakes made by famous bakeries across the country. If you’re looking to enjoy a generous slice of Oprah’s blue velvet cake for breakfast, this is the time!


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