Exclusive Photos and Details from the Blackish Wedding

Blackish Wedding

We are now seeing a Black-ish wedding. It’s a personal look at events within COVID-19. The episode, which airs on ABC, features Black-ish core family members, Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) and Lance Fishburne (ABC). The intimate, at-home ceremony saw The Knot get the first glimpse and details. Lewis says that romantic love is often associated with youth in society. “I felt grateful to be a part of a show celebrating romance over 60.

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Black-ish Wedding Dress Details

Cole spoke with Lewis first and then the designer expert began to research, researching a wide range of styles from different countries in Africa. She notes that Ruby’s wedding gown should reflect their culture, colors and use of Kempe cloth. Color was a must-have for my style. I wanted it to be beautiful on the bride and we added that around her neckline. I love details and piping so that you can see the orange saille lining under her skirt and around the waist.

Ruby’s Wedding Accessories

Ruby’s accessories were a standout feature of the ceremony. Cole explained that Jenny wanted to wear a wrap around her head. Cole explains that the’must have’ item was to make Jenifer feel good. She should feel special and like she was a million dollars, even though this was not her actual wedding day. Because African wedding gowns are very colorful, her costume had to be vibrant and full of flair. We also wanted it modern. This was a feat that took a village.

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Black-ish Groom Outfit Details

Another opportunity for the costume department was Laurence Fishburne’s groom’s look. It was custom-designed for Black-ish cast member Laurence Fishburne. Cole says, “We chose a royal blue suit with a contrasted navy & mandarin collar.” We wanted to give him a more slimmed-down look and make him taller and more regal. It was a great look for him. He walked out of the gate looking professional, and it’s always great to see actors really get into the style.

Learn More about the Black-ish Weddings and Couple

Lewis and Fishburne play the happy couple in the series. Their relationship is rooted in decades of industry experience. Lewis muses, “He’s been like my brother since we filmed What’s Love Got To Do With It back on 1993.” “When we shot our ceremony, there was a lot love between Pops & Ruby. We were also celebrating our 27-year-old friendship.

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“Not to forget: There was a twinkle in the eyes when we realized that the characters we had cultivated over the past seven years would lead to a spinoff called Oldish. Laurence Fishburne, one of the most important actors of our times, is Laurence Fishburne. It is an honor to work with him on the new show. Black-ish announced in September that Old-ish would be its third spinoff.

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Lewis concludes, “Love is the essence of life.” Love is the foundation of all living things. It is in the air we breathe, and every leaf or blade on a tree. Black couples in love should be able to show their love and let it shine through in everything they do. Healthy relationships with your partner are a key to stronger families and vibrant communities.