24 Chic and Cozy “Wedding Dress Topper”


Wedding Dress Topper: While summer may be the preferred season for most couples, I believe Winter is the best season to get married. The beautiful light, snowy backgrounds and long nights are all reasons to celebrate. They are not without their challenges. Keeping warm and elegant in the fall is one of those. No one wants their wedding photos to be marred by blue eyes or goosebumps! With this in mind I have compiled a list of beautiful ways to keep your wedding day cozy and chic.

It’s not only Fall and Winter brides that may want to cover up for their wedding day. Maybe you have a church wedding and need something less formal for the ceremony. Or maybe you just want two looks to be able to mix and match your day without having to buy a second dress. There is a cover-up for every budget and style.

Chic & Sheer Cover-Ups

This lace yoke wedding cape is a style statement. The flower-adorned top has a mid-century feel. For a rustic look, you can toast smores by the fire while wearing this cozy crochet shawl.

They are so pretty! They are guaranteed to keep you cool and protected from the chill.

Wedding dress toppers

My Wedding Dress Topper is the one from David’s Bridal. I love it (despite all the doubts I have had today), but I am looking for a topper to go with it. The lace ones I like from BHLDN are beautiful, but I am afraid that the lace topper will clash with my dress. Is this a problem with all lace? Or are there other lace patterns that could work? Do I get a plain tulle topper instead? It would also be helpful to have some suggestions for stores/websites where you can find these items, as David’s Bridal doesn’t stock any I like. Many thanks, family.

Tulle is a timeless choice. Sometimes simplicity is the best. Although I wish I could help more, I think that lace can be too expensive. Even though they are adorable. Who knew I was thinking about wedding jewellery? Although it might seem a lot, I love a little bling.


We have seen it happen quite often over the years. A bride may fall in love with two different Wedding Dress Toppers. The truth is that brides don’t tend to be drawn to one look, so they may prefer a timeless, romantic gown over a trendy, modern one. You won’t be able to afford both styles of dresses unless you have a Kardashian budget. So, your own Sophie’s Choice. What gown should you choose? Toppers are a great way for brides to achieve two looks from one dress. You can transform your dress by simply slipping on a topper! A topper can be used to give you more coverage during the ceremony or to simply change the look of your dress mid-day. It’s an affordable and easy way to achieve the best of both the traditional and modern styles. Did we peak your interest? These toppers are by Flair’s amazing designers!