Why Mexican Destination Weddings Are The Best Option

Destination Weddings

Wedding and honeymoon in cheerful Mexico, where the atmosphere is thoroughly saturated with the spirit of ancient civilizations, where to this day the traditions of ancestors are unquestioningly revered, where magnificent landscapes become the best surroundings for world events, relaxation in luxury hotels helps to maintain cumulative reserves while waiting for the most important day in the life of newlyweds. No wonder destination wedding in Mexico are so popular among couples.

Official and Symbolic Wedding

There are two ways to register a marriage on the Atlantic coast: official and traditional. In the second case, the newlyweds must exchange rings in advance at their local residence, and in Mexico, they will have unusual celebrations with an exotic flavor. After the actions, the husband and wife received memorial symbolic certificates that had no protective powers.

Conducting a formal procedure may entail difficulties. Mexico has relatively strict laws that cover restrictions. The bride and groom must provide an expanded package of documents, including officially certified results of HIV tests done in the country. In addition, specific rules and restrictions apply at the official ceremony, including the number of guests. During the symbolic event, an unlimited number of invited participants is allowed.

Traditional Wedding

The official ceremony is most often held in the classical European style. Many young couples prefer to pay tribute to traditions during a symbolic wedding. Typically, such an event involves:

  • a classic white dress for the bride.

  • a suit for the groom.

  • an ornate arch for the central part of the celebration.

The standard procedure takes place against the backdrop of the azure sea, golden sand, and palm trees, which makes it truly unique and unforgettable. As a colorful addition, many organizers offer to organize performances by Mexican singers and performers of national music.

Wedding in Mayan Style

For creative and courageous couples in love, symbolic destination weddings in Indian style, according to the ancient canons of the Mayan tribe, are suitable. It includes a costume performance and the conclusion of a love union by the tribe’s chief.

The ceremony will always be accompanied by traditional chants and sounds made with the help of unique musical instruments: giant seashells and drums. The newlyweds are fumigated with incense throughout the event and perform many ritual Indian ceremonies.

Even though this ceremony is just a performance of Mexican mummers and has nothing to do with genuine Mayan traditions, the newlyweds will remember it for the rest of their lives. Unique photographs will become a natural decoration of a wedding photo album.

Photo Session for Memory

The country is famous for its approach to designing a wedding ceremony, even the most modest and low-budget one. A lot of attention is paid to little things, including when taking photos and videos. Professional photographers and the unique nature of Mexico will allow you to take high-quality, original photographs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture a walk along the coast against the backdrop of palm trees, exotic flowers, and sea waves. You can carry out an unusual photo session with traditional Mexican attributes: national clothing, musical instruments, and even decorative skulls, considered a symbol of wisdom, love, and happiness.

Regardless of the design, budget of the event, and the chosen venue, a wedding in Mexico is an actual fairy tale for lovers, combining the romance of nature, hot climate, unusual traditions, and mystical rituals and superstitions. Such vivid impressions will stay with you for life!

Mexican Wedding Traditions

During the ceremony, a wedding lasso (large rosary or a beautifully decorated ribbon) is draped first around the groom’s neck and then, in the shape of a figure eight, an infinity sign, over the bride’s shoulders. The newlyweds take the oath of allegiance as a part of a ceremony. In Mexico, Lasso expresses the bride and groom’s willingness to be together for the rest of their lives.

There is a wedding tradition in Mexico: those who want to dance with the bride can do so for money. The bride always has a unique bag for this purpose. Sometimes, banknotes are pinned to the dress or placed in the bride’s apron. A large amount is collected; everything goes towards furnishing the family’s home and honeymoon.

The bride at a Mexican wedding wears a blue petticoat under the dress. Ties and belts – cummerbunds of the groom’s friends match the colors of the bridesmaids’ outfits. A couple of kids with ring cushions should be miniature versions of the newlyweds. You can’t have a wedding without a piñata. It is a papier-mâché toy filled with sweets. Playing with a piñata is reminiscent of childhood fun. The guests knock it down with a stick while blindfolding to get the candy contents. The game is accompanied by music and songs.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a fantastic country with its unique flavor, rich history, and snow-white beaches, where magical wedding ceremonies are most often held. Tall palm trees, endless beaches, and turquoise sea. What could be more beautiful and romantic?!? Having tied the knot in magical Mexico, you can spend your honeymoon in this fantastic country: visit numerous historical monuments or simply enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature alone with each other!

Mexico is famous for its diverse national cuisine. Naturally, those planning a Mexican-style wedding should borrow ideas from this country’s wedding menu. For example, it is customary for them to treat each guest to corn tortillas with various fillings initially. All dishes should be generously sprinkled with various spices, some even decorated with exotic flowers. There must be a traditional dish on the table: paella with shrimp and lobster, and then everything is a little more standard: baked poultry, vegetable, meat and fruit cuts, a vegetable or rice side dish.


Gorgeous landscapes, beautiful traditions, and a festive atmosphere will make your wedding in Mexico unforgettable. It is the best place for the ceremony. If you want to celebrate the big day of your life abroad, choose Mexico. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a symbolic ceremony or whether you’re actually getting married. Both you and your guests will be satisfied.