We love the fact that weddings have become a major production in recent years. Pinterest and other social media have made it easy to create beautiful weddings. We love seeing the latest trends in our venues. To stay on top of the latest trends and incorporate the best elements into your wedding, check out our 2021 trend guide! We’re certain you’ll enjoy these top picks because there are so many options to personalize your wedding day.

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Florists are becoming more creative in the way that your guests are presented at your reception. The trend of hanging floral garlands from the top and draping it down over your guests is a great idea that will likely be popular for many years. It’s stunning to see salal greenery, voluptuous orchids, and Eucalyptus garlands. This is an inexpensive way to decorate your space with stunning results.


Weddings have been elegant events for decades. While weddings are still elegant events, more and more couples are choosing to have a relaxed event on their big day. We also see couples opting to host a smaller number of guests for a more intimate celebration. This allows them to spend more on lavish decor, delicious food, and amazing photography.

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We love the trend of mismatching your dinnerware and using a neutral palette. Let your personality shine through and enjoy the Bohemian lifestyle. Then, incorporate it into your perfect day! You will love these Pinterest-worthy colors: dusty hues and lush greens, gold yellows, marble accents, modern calligraphy, and golden yellows.

Going “All Out”

Over-the-top weddings have become a huge trend on Pinterest, as we already mentioned. It’s not surprising that Pinterest is a hot spot for extravagant decor and bold accents. Over-sized balloons, smoke bombs and photo op boards have been used by many couples. Have fun with it and be creative!


A second dress is often worn by brides for their reception. It’s no longer just for the ladies. The guys can also get a second dress. The second change is more casual and may not include a jacket or tie. It also includes a change in shoes and belt. We love the fact that the gents are also getting their chance!

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You can say goodbye to the traditional black, gray and navy suits. More and more couples are choosing unusual colors for their groom’s suites, such as maroon and olive green.


A great way to decorate your reception area is with lighting. Overhead lights will create a magical and mystical atmosphere at your reception. It will look amazing in your reception photos, too!


Let’s get tropical with a pina Colada! We are seeing a lot of vibrant trends. Balmy outdoor receptions and beach ceremonies are sure to add style to your wedding. You can get married at the Carmel or Pacific View Tower Club venues.


Highly recommended. It’s the only thing that you can look back on from your wedding day. Wedding photography is so important. What’s even better? Beautifully composed video. You can relive your wedding day by using videography. It’s possible to make it a tradition and watch your wedding video together on your anniversary every year.

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Charcuterie boards are a favorite of everyone. Don’t forget to oversize it! A grazing table can be described as a large table that displays beautifully displayed meats and cheeses, nuts jams, crackers, and other foods. Your guests can ‘graze’ during cocktail hour. Even couples are starting to substitute the wedding cake for a tiered cheese tower!

As you plan your wedding, it’s easy for you to get distracted by the latest trends in the industry. It’s important to be true to your vision and desires for your wedding. Make it yours and do things your way. We are excited to see your creativity!