Top 5 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips Every Bride Should Know

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Top 5 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips Every Bride Should Know

Though it may seem like the end, saying “yes” to your dress can be the beginning of an exciting emotional journey. There are still many Wedding Dress Fitting steps left before your gown is ready for its special moment as you walk down the aisle in it.

Your journey to that special day starts with getting your dress altered. There’s little chance it’ll fit perfectly out of the box, so professional assistance is often necessary for getting it just right. Even though alterations may seem intimidating at first glance, here are our top tips for fitting your wedding dress perfectly.

Myths about Fitting Wedding Gowns

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to fitting wedding gowns that need correcting.

Let us first debunk some of the myths associated with wedding dress fittings. First and foremost, it is not an expeditious process. On average, “normal” alterations can take anywhere from two months to complete–this does not include any custom work that may be needed.

Cost is another consideration. A competent seamstress will be an artisan, skilled in her trade and worth being compensated for her services.

Budget at least $500 to alter your gown.

Brides often expect their dress to fit perfectly during the second fitting, but this is almost never possible. It takes time and patience to find the ideal fit – so be patient and trust the process!

What usually takes place during a dress fitting?

Let’s now dive into the proper way to fit your wedding gown. Schedule a fitting at least three months prior to the big day; the seamstress will measure you and help you fit into the gown. She then asks if any changes need to be made – such as custom straps, lowering or raising the neckline, etc.

Once she’s finished detailing the work involved, you can estimate how many fittings will be necessary before your dress is ready.

These steps are precisely why we suggest allowing at most 3 months for alterations. To ensure the most successful process, purchase your gown no earlier than 7 months prior to your wedding (9-12 months is ideal).

Your seamstress takes great pride and joy in her work, so you can be certain she will achieve perfection even if it takes up to four fittings and two months. Knowing how to fit a wedding dress requires being prepared and setting expectations beforehand.

Why is wedding gown fitting necessary?

The bridal store will measure you and compare it with a size guide before recommending the size closest to your measurements. However, it’s rare for someone to fit exactly into this chart’s size; different designers typically create their own size charts.

Industry hem lengths tend to be longer than the average bridge, so most gowns need to be hemmed. You may also need to alter your bust or hips for the perfect fit on your special day; having it professionally altered and fitted ensures a secure fit that hugs every curve perfectly.

What to Wear to a Fitting for a Wedding Gown

Don your wedding shoes for the first time! Depending on your height, shoes can make the dress fit differently depending on where you stand. Additionally, bring along your bra and undergarments so that your gown fits correctly; otherwise, it could lead to stress and headaches if not planned ahead for. Make it a habit of planning ahead for stress-free moments by getting everything together ahead of time!

Are you worried about altering your wedding gown?

Our top recommendation to brides looking to have their dress altered is this: Locate a seamstress who specializes in bridal gown alterations.

A qualified seamstress will possess a wealth of experience and be well-versed in the intricacies of fabrics, silhouettes and designers. This ensures an enjoyable and successful altering process for all bridal gowns.

It is essential to remember that your seamstress cannot read your mind. Be sure to let them know if you’re not satisfied with the outcome and do not hesitate to express concerns or ask questions; this way, they can better respond and provide exactly what you require.

Your wedding journey shouldn’t be complete without a bridal gown fitting. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or stressful process – plan ahead by giving yourself and your seamstress at least three months for all necessary alterations and communicate your expectations to her in advance so there are no unpleasant surprises on the big day!

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