Simple Wedding Ring: You can Feel

Wedding Engagement Rings

Because you will likely be wearing your wedding ring every day, it is one of the most important pieces in jewelry. Many people prefer a simple look, regardless of whether they have a minimalistic style to choose from or are concerned about ruining an intricate wedding band. We have compiled 27 simple wedding ring that are easy to wear every day. It’s important that you consider your existing jewelry (especially your engagement ring), your lifestyle (especially for those who are constantly working out) and your personal style preferences when choosing a wedding band. Although you can take into account your partner’s choices, many couples choose mismatched rings. As you choose the type of wedding band that you would like to buy, we have included small gemstones, subtle patterns, and other materials. What’s the best part? Shop your favorite looks, too. Check out our top-rated simple wedding rings.

Are couples able to choose their Simple Wedding Ring together or separately?

Some couples choose their wedding rings together. A matching pair of rings or similar ring shopping can be purchased (e.g., two gold bands with different designs). It’s not required. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a bright, silicone wedding band but not your partner’s sparkly pave ring. Keep in mind that you will be wearing this item often so it is important to choose something that you love. Consider involving your partner in the process of shopping if you are deciding to do it yourself. This will allow you to bond with your partner.

Can women only wear one wedding band?

Women and those who identify as femme typically have a wedding band and an engagement ring. However, there are no set rules for wedding jewelry. No matter what gender you identify, you can wear as many or few wedding rings as your heart desires. It’s fine to wear only one ring if you work out a lot or use your hands frequently. You can also wear your wedding band and engagement ring full-time. If this is the case, ensure that the wedding band matches your engagement ring. TL;DR. Forget about any rules you might have heard about wedding rings. Wear what makes your heart happy and confident.

Our Favorite Simple Wedding Ring

We have something for you, whether you are shopping for your partner or yourself. Below are our top-rated simple wedding ring.

Simple Wedding Ring Bands for Her

This classic wedding band can be used as a matching set for your partner. It is the perfect example of a basic wedding band that works. The band is comfortable and easy to wear every day. It has rounded edges and an interior with smooth lines. The high-shine finish will make it stand out. You can choose from many sizes and metal finishes.

Blue Nile Simple Wedding Ring

This pave eternity band is simple and stunning. You’ll look stunning with the full circle of pave stones, no matter what size you choose. Also available in platinum, white, rose, or yellow gold.

Blue Nile Riviera petite pave eternity Diamond Band

To make a statement, your wedding band doesn’t need to have diamonds or gemstones. This stunning, unique chain-link wedding band is a great example.

Mejuri thin Chain Rings

This low dome band by Blue Nile is a great choice if you are looking for a white gold wedding ring. The ring’s low dome is a slimmer version of a traditional band. This gives it a modern look that will match your engagement ring well without being too overwhelming.

Blue Nile Comfort Fit Ring with low dome blue nile

Precious gems can add a pop of color to your wedding bands. Because sapphire is the most durable, we love it. You can incorporate any color stone you like.

Blue Nile Riviera Sapphire Diamond Ring

This simple, channel-cut wedding band for women has a v curve that perfectly fits your solitaire engagement rings. These two pieces create a striking, sparkly look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Blue Nile Classic Curved Diamond Ring Band

A whisper-thin band is a great way to embrace the minimalist trend. This simple wedding band will look great with any existing jewelry, or it can be worn alone as a beautiful and delicate engagement rings.

Mejuri thin band

Consider a silicone band if you are always on the move. This simple wedding band is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle.

Enso Rings Elements Classic Halo silicone ring

Are you not a fan of the classic metallic look? This black enamel band is a great alternative. It’s simple and elegant, with small diamonds, unique shapes, and golden accents. Mejuri diamond enamel band made of 14k Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Black Enamel

A classic is the best choice for simple men’s rings. This dazzling ring will look great on your hand. You can choose from two-millimeter or seven-millimeter sizes. The best thing? You can match your spouse’s ring perfectly with the four finishes available: yellow gold, white, rose gold, and platinum.

Blue Nile Simple Wedding Ring

This polished and brushed wedding band is both sophisticated and rugged. You can choose from white, silver, or black tungsten carbide with a six-millimeter wide band.

Blue Nile comfort-fit wedding band with polished and brushed finish. This simple wedding ring is a great choice because it adds a new twist to the traditional wedding band. The flat top doesn’t hinder anything. What more could you want?