Cooking this way could increase


Your Coronavirus risk

Although it may have been a great thing for our mental health while in quarantine, what has it done to our eating habits and, subsequently, our health is another matter. According to The New York Times article, lifestyle changes kulinarika due to quarantine may have also protected us from the coronavirus. The quarantine may have had negative effects on our mental health. We may feel more isolated, may experience higher stress levels, be less mobile, and may be more inclined to binge eat. Baking is a new comforting pastime that many people have discovered that could be particularly harmful to their health.

Baking has become a national obsession, from sourdough starters and focaccias to all the other dessert recipes trending on social media sites. However, an increase in home baking may lead to unhealthy eating habits for us and our loved ones. Consuming more baked goods will undoubtedly increase our intake of sugar and processed wheat, which are well-known causes of weight gain, slower metabolism and increased inflammation.

Here are some reasons your new hobby could be causing you harm
Research shows that excess sugar can cause inflammation by increasing levels of cytokines (small proteins) in the body. Our immune system can be suppressed by glucose. The same goes for vegetable oils in baking, which can also cause inflammation. Even if you love the delicious loaf of bread that you made or the chocolate chip cookies that you tried, it is important to be cautious with your baking. If you are an emotional eater or a person who craves home-baked treats all day, it can make things dangerous.

Your kitchen prowess can be flipped

We wouldn’t advise you to stop baking for ever! We do recommend that you prepare healthy, balanced meals and desserts. It is important to eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients. This will help you protect yourself from any illnesses that may be coming your way. A healthy pantry and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods can make your kitchen a sanctuary of wellness.