The ultimate guide to wedding gown preservation

Wedding Dresses

Now that you have your big day and you’ve wore the stunning gown, you might be wondering about how to preserve it. Is it possible to remove all stains? It is worth hiring professionals to do it. What is the cost of it?

Do I need to have my wedding gown cleaned?

Consider the future and what you want to do with your wedding dress preservation Chicago. You might also consider selling the gown, converting a part of it into a baptismal gown, or perhaps even giving it to another bride.

What happens if I don’t clean my wedding gown?

Potential disaster! Although a dress may look clean after the wedding gown preservation, the staining that you cannot see will change the dress’ appearance. Even the most elegant bride can perspire on her wedding day, which can cause permanent yellowing of certain fabrics underneath the arms and within the bodice.

What can I do to help protect my dress on my wedding day?

We encourage brides not to worry about getting dirty on their wedding day. More serious is damage to a wedding gown. Although sparklers and smoke bombs are great for creating stunning photographs, they can also cause major damage.

What should I do if my wedding dress gets stained?

It is difficult to offer advice as panic can set in when trying to remove the stain right away. How long it takes to remove a wedding stain depends on the fabric of the dress and how severe the stain was. Most brides have forgotten about the stain by the time the wedding breakfast is over. Once the dancing begins, the fun really starts. We recommend that you do not rub the stain too hard if temptation is strong. This could cause the stain to get deeper into the fabric, and can damage the surface.

How can I get the stains out of my wedding dress?

True wedding dress cleaners would have multiple options for cleaning. To ensure the best results, we have three special processes. The fabric and structure of a wedding gown will determine the type of process. While many fabrics can be cleaned using water-based detergents, some silk dresses require traditional dry-cleaning. Although pre-spotting can speed up the cleaning process, many dresses will need more than one cycle. Until the cleaning efforts are exhausted, a professional quality cleaner will be employed.

Can I wash my wedding gown at home?

I think of the statement “Don’t attempt this at home”. Although many dresses can be washed with water-based detergents, the complexity of wedding gowns and their staining are both challenges and hazards. A wedding dress’s staining is often more severe than what normal detergents can handle. This adds to the washing machine size and programming that isn’t suitable for the dress’ size. The pressing is the final step in the cleaning process. It can be difficult to restore her appearance by itself.

What length of time can I wait before my wedding dress is cleaned?

It is best to do this as soon as possible after an event. Better yet, make it a part of your wedding to-do lists. Two years is a good time to consider someone a new bride. We have been cleaning and preserving wedding dresses for over 30 years. Some were worn just a few days before their arrival, while others were worn 30+ years ago. Our motto is “It’s never too late to clean your wedding dress.” Stains that aren’t visible from the start can develop if a dress is left unclean.

What is the cost of wedding dress preservation?

Each cleaner will have a different pricing structure. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward with no hidden fees. We do not base our prices on the price of a wedding gown. Each dress is unique in our eyes and should be treated as such. This will ensure that you get the best results. There are three pricing options available, each depending on the style and quantity of a wedding gown. Prices for cleaning start at PS155 if you need more column/sheath styles. Then, we offer PS180 for traditional/A-line styles. Finally, we offer PS215 for styles that have many layers of petticoat.

How should a wedding gown be stored?

It is important to consider how you will store your wedding dress. However, it is also very important that you clean the dress. The best and most convenient storage option is a preservation box made from a neutral PH board. The dress should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Another option is a zip bag made of breathable fabric. The dress could be damaged if it is stored in plastic.

Is it necessary to preserve a wedding gown?

There are many reasons why wedding dresses should be preserved, but most importantly because they are sentimental. The preservation process begins with the cleaning of the dress and then goes on to the storage. It is impossible to predict how long your wedding gown will remain in its box, or who will lift the lid of it over the years. You may make her a family heirloom that you will treasure for generations to come, or use parts of her to make other special attire like christening dresses or drapes above a cot.