The Best Wedding Cake Tips No One Can Tell You

Wedding Cakes

You must come in to taste the food.

Clients are invited into the bakery for tastings to taste exemplary cakes, ask questions, and view portfolios. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet bakers, build relationships with them, and learn about their capabilities. It is important to choose your baker well. Get to know them personally and let them know you are looking forward to your big day.

Your last thing should be to choose your cake design.

While you may love rustic semi-naked cakes, it might not be the right choice if you are hosting a black tie ballroom wedding. Once all the dress and reception decor decisions have been made, it’s time to deal with the cake. These elements can help you plan the structure and design of your wedding cake. The style of the wedding, the season, the bride’s gown, the flowers and the menu will all affect the cake. Send your baker samples of colored accents, such as sugar flowers and icing ribbons. The cake should not be an afterthought.

Finalize your guest list (and the space size) first.

Consider your guests when deciding on the size of the cake. Three tiers are sufficient to serve 50 to 100 people. For 200 guests, you will likely need five layers. You can increase the cake’s size by adding columns between the layers if you have a grand reception with high ceilings. A “stacked” cake is one that has all its layers stacked directly on top of each others, without the use of separators.

Pricing for wedding cakes is often determined by how many slices you buy.

While the price of each slice can vary, it is generally between $1.50-15 per slice. However, this is only a rough estimate. The cost of a more complex cake, such as one with intricate decorations and difficult-to find fillings, will be higher. Fondant icing costs more than buttercream. And if you want intricate shapes, bright colors, or sugar-flower detailing, it will cost you more. According to our Real Weddings Study it costs couples $540 on average for their wedding cakes.

There are many ways you can save.

A small cake can be decorated beautifully but only enough to feed one person. You will also need to provide several smaller cakes with the same flavor so that everyone has something to eat. Avoid special molded shapes, sugar flowers or tiers. You can garnish your cake with seasonal flowers and fruits for a classy, but more affordable effect. A cake that is half the size of your guests may be a good choice if you plan on having a dessert or another sweet table. Although the servings will be smaller in size, the price will also shrink.

The right frosting is important.

Do you prefer buttercream or fondant That is the big question. Buttercream can often be much more delicious than buttercream. If you like the soft, almost surreal-like appearance of fondant, we recommend frosting the cake first with buttercream, and then covering the confection with fondant. You can also opt for ganache, which is a rich frosting that’s made with cream and chocolate. You can request your baker for ganache, which is a dark brown frosting. However, it can still be used to decorate a wedding cake with brightly colored fruit. A white chocolate version can be dyed almost any color. Swiss meringue can also be used, but it’s just a frosting made from egg whites and sugar. It’s not as well-known for wedding cakes but it has a lovely light and fuzzy appearance which makes it feel whimsical and romantic. It pairs well with fruit-based cakes or fillings such as lemon, strawberry, and raspberry.

Always be aware of the weather.

Avoid meringue, buttercream and whip cream if you have an outdoor wedding. Ask your baker about summer frosting options. A fondant-covered cake doesn’t need refrigeration.

Expectations shouldn’t be too high.

Remember, magazines, like ours, have food stylists, editors, and assistants that work tirelessly to make sure the cakes look great. After a cake has been sitting for some time, these people spend hours fixing any drippings, leaning and sagging. They can also use Photoshop to make it work if the original method doesn’t work. They can also make cakes from non-edible materials. Most cakes you see in magazines are iced with Styrofoam. Your cake designer may not be able reproduce exactly what you see printed.

It’s all about the details.

Decoration costs vary widely. Fresh fruits and flowers are usually the most cost-effective option. Your florist may be able to apply them in certain cases for a nominal fee. Delicate gum paste or sugar paste flowers are on the higher end. These are made by hand one petal at each. Here’s the bottom line. All add-ons (including chocolate-molded and marzipan flowers), will raise the price. We think it is worth the price!

You might consider adding a second cake at your reception.

The groom’s cake, a Southern tradition, is becoming more popular. Traditionally, the wedding cake (the one cut by the couple at reception) is served as dessert. The groom’s cake is typically darker and richer, often chocolate. It was designed to showcase the groom’s passions and obsessions. As a gift, give guests slices or serve the entire cake as dessert.

Minimize your size, but that will come at a cost.

Many bakers agree that the idea behind a mini cake where each guest has their own is great in theory but not always in practice. Each cake requires its own decoration. This can sometimes be more intricate than the one four times its size. Unfortunately, boxes aren’t available in miniature sizes. Sometimes, the bakery will have to build individual boxes to transport the cakes. Multiply that number of guests by the cost and time involved, and you’ll quickly see how costly and time-consuming it is. They look fantastic being passed around by waiters in silver trays.

Display matters.

The cake will most likely be displayed before it’s cut. It’s important to have the best presentation possible. A rectangular table might be best for rectangular cakes. You have many options. Make your cake table look great! You can dress it up with luxurious fabrics or decorate it with flowers and motifs that match the cake.

You have many choices for cake toppings.

The classic figurine is still a favorite choice. However, couples are increasingly using the cake topper (and even the cake stand) to personalize their day. As a couple, choose something that represents you, such as a clay model or figurine of your pet. You could also use figurines from your favorite comic heroes or a stylish monogrammed acrylic pedestal. Your baker can help you integrate an heirloom piece of porcelain, particularly if it is a fine antique. A country wedding cake can be topped with a pair of gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies. Beautiful marzipan and maple sugar figurines can be charming. Another alternative: A bouquet of sugar flowers, an assortment of icing ribbons and even a carved sugar block to reveal your monogram.